CAE Icelandair Flight Training

Excellence In Aircraft Simulation

A subsidiary of Icelandair offers airline pilot and cabin crew training on Boeing platform in our training facilities located in Hafnarfjordur, just 20 minutes from Keflavik International Airport.

Airline pilot training is performed in simulators that are precise replicas of the cockpits of the Boeing aircraft type they are designed to simulate; they simulate flight characteristics and a variety of malfunctions and unexpected circumstances, as well as flights in variable weather conditions, to create highly realistic training scenarios for pilots.

The simulators are used both for new trainees and for regular pilot training. Cabin crew training is performed in cabin training mock-up and specialized cabin fire and smoke trainers to create realistic training scenarios for door and slide operation as well as smoke and fire scenarios.

Airline Pilot Training

Full-Flight Simulators:  With our full-flight simulators we offer flight training that meets the latest technical standard and is tailor-made for the requirements of modern airlines. We adapt our simulators to our customers in order to reflect the fleet‘s systems environments and cockpit layouts as well as airline‘s procedures.

Boeing 757-200 FFS
Boeing 737-8 MAX FFS
Boeing 767-300 ER FFS

Cabin Crew Training

With our cabin trainers we offer a cabin crew training in the most realistic environment.

General Cabin training in Mock up

B737 Cabin and door training mock-up
B757 Door trainer
B767 Door trainer

Safety Training

With our specialized cabin smoke and fire trainer we can provide realistic training for smoke and fire scenarios.

Cabin smoke and fire trainer

First aid training

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